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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Nintendo's Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is the Ultimate Game for Family Game Nights!

Thank you to Nintendo for providing a complimentary game! All opinions are honest and our own.

As we prepare for the holiday season and spend more time with family, you'll want to know about a new Nintendo Switch game that makes it fun for multigenerational families to spend quality time together -- Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain! This game provides the perfect way for family members of different ages to bond as they compete for bragging rights. If you are wondering how this is possible, the game designers thought of everything to make the game engaging for everyone of different ages. For instance, we used "Sprout" mode for many of the games to make it more fair for our preschooler to compete with the rest of us! In today's post, I'll tell you about how this quick paced multiplayer game.

Here is a quick overview:

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain for the Nintendo Switch is certainly up to the challenge! Available now, the game includes a series of fast, brain-bending activities for kids and adults alike! Up to 4 players can play together at varying difficulties, leveling the playing field and helping younger kids hold their own against parents and even older siblings or relatives! Perfect for minimizing hurt feelings on family game nights!

Kids (and parents!) can even train up on their own with a variety of activities, like memorizing a series of numbers, identifying an animal as it slowly comes into focus, or helping guide a train to its goal.

Personally, we had a fun family game night and love this game! We plan to play it with our visitors throughout the holiday season. 

To start, this game is a multiplayer game. The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Cons (controllers) and gives the option for you to buy extras. We have two extra Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (controllers) so that four of us are able to play at the same time. 

Getting started with the Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is pretty easy. The Nintendo Switch team always does a nice job of making games that are user friendly. This game is exceptionally user friendly and was easy for all of us to figure out and play quickly. It's even easy to do practice rounds if you prefer.

One of the nicest things about Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is that it is fun for a variety of ages.  Everyone from my children to grandparents had a blast with this game. It's balanced in a nice way that all of us seemed to have our strengths in different areas.  The designers put a lot of thought into this game so that all of us could have fun. I actually didn't realize this until after we started to play the game. For instance, we often specified "Sprout mode" for our preschooler so that he could play at an age appropriate setting while the rest were held to a higher level. It's really cool how we all felt engaged!

Another thing that we love is that there is a generous selection of different games and that there is a fast pace for playing them. If you have little ones, you know how they may not like to lose. These games were great because we all won some and lost some. The quick pace and fun variety of games kept everything light and fun without any hurt feelings. (Yes, I'm referring to my preschooler who sometimes has big feelings! It was nice to play a game with him understanding that it's just for fun and that there are plenty of chances for new rounds of games!)

We love Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain and can't wait for our next family game night!  It's so rare to find a game that is so interactive and fun for all of our ages. This highly interactive game creates bonding opportunities and happy memories! We recommend ordering this family friendly game for your family to enjoy together during the holidays. 

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