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Monday, January 3, 2022

Wildgrain is the Perfect Subscription for Families!


If you haven't heard of Wildgrain yet, I'm excited to tell you about this game changing subscription box that is perfect for busy families who love good food!  You may have heard of this brand on BuzzFeed, The Boston Globe, CBS, or other other outlets. This small business uses clean ingredients and long fermentation processes for many of their products for health benefits that may surprise you.  In today's post, I'll share our experience! (Spoiler alert - our Wildgrain box was even better than we expected and you'll want to sign up quickly for a special deal to get $10 off AND free sourdough bread for life* with our discount code TRENDYMOM!)

Let's start with the Wildgrain coupon code for $10 off -- visit here and enter the code TRENDYMOM to score the discount!

Our box arrived midday and everything was frozen so that we could promptly move everything to our freezer.  You'll notice below that it was generously packed with a large quantity of fermented breads, pastas, and even croissants! Specifically, our package included four loaves of bread, two packages of pasta, and four croissants. 

The bakers at Wildgrain do all of the hard work so that you just put all of the items into your freezer and then pull them out when you are ready to bake the items. I loved that each loaf of bread included ingredients that I easily recognized. I didn't have to worry about weird additives or mysterious ingredients. Basking each loaf of bread was easy as shown below on one of the labels. (The temperature and cooking time varied slightly by type of bread in our box.). Nothing is better than Wildgrain bread that is fresh from the oven!

This is the label from one of the sourdough breads.

Here is another label from the Slow Fermented Cranberry Pecan Bread.

Just for fun, here is a third label from the Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread. I think that you get the idea - they contain good quality ingredients and were easy to prepare in our oven at home.

Similarly, the pasta and croissants were also fabulous and easy to prepare!

This post wouldn't be complete without showing you some of the results. I love that the team at Wildgrain did the hard work and made it easy for me to prepare the items for my family. If your family is like mine, good food makes a big difference!  Everyone is happy when we have special foods. I'm a Boy Mom with hungry boys!  My husband runs 30+ miles/week, so he's a big eater too. This box is perfect for hearty appetites! For instance, the loaves of bread are hearty and delicious on their own! 

We also love the sourdough bread for avocado toast or sandwiches!

The Chocolate Avalanche Croissants were fabulous!  Everyone in my family commented that they've never had so much chocolate packed into a croissant. The Wildgain bakers do not skimp on chocolate in these croissants.  I made them while my family slept so that they each woke up to a warm croissant!

The pastas were a big hit. I tossed the first pasta with lemon juice, olive oil, and lemon zest. We served it with broccoli.

We used a simple red sauce on the second batch of pasta. 

The pasta is so delicious that we used a light amount of sauce.

We hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into our love of Wildgrain and how one of their boxes helped us to enjoy special meals throughout the week!  As a Boy Mom, I loved having the generous portions of delicious food for my family.  If you want to try Wildgrain, visit their website here! (* Wildgrain currently has a special where you receive a free loaf of sourdough bread with each delivery for life at the moment and you get $10 off with the code TRENDYMOM!)

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