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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Tips for Buying Your First Bidet + Our Experience with the Brondell Swash 1400

During the height of the pandemic, I think that many people became curious about bidets.  Friends and acquaintances that owned bidets seemed to enjoy vocalizing how much they love owning a bidet.  Normally, it may be weird to hear others casually talk about their love for bidets, but I think that many of us were honestly curious to learn more considering the toilet paper shortage!   I was definitely curious, but I found it overwhelming to get started. However, I eventually figured out that it's easier than I realized. In today's post, I'll share what I learned and that it's actually quite easy to order and install a good bidet for your home.  

1. Identify your preferred power source.
Bidets need a power source. You should decide if you want to have an electrician set up wiring for the installation or if you want to use a grounded GFCI outlet within a distance specified by the manufacturer of the bidet that you order.  There are bidets that accommodate either option.  We went with a DIY installation using a grounded GFCI outlet because our bathroom set up allowed us to easily run the cord under our vanity.

2. Choose a good brand.
There are many bidet brands, but the brand that I liked the best was is a U.S. based brand, Brondell.  In particular, their flagship model is the Swash 1400 and it rates as the #1 bidet seat on Amazon right now. I also found this product on Google shopping and found that this particular bidet has a very high rating with more than 2,500 positive reviews!  It's rare to see 2,500+ reviews on a product, so this stood out to me.  I took time to learn more about this brand and learned that they are based in San Francisco and offer several types of products that focus on healthy living. They use the latest science and technology for modern healthy living.  This includes bidets, heated toilet seats, air purifiers, and home water filtration products. Many of their products have won awards!

3. Choose the features that you want.
I was new to owning a bidet. I had come across bidets at hotels and other venues in the past, but had no idea which features would fit our family.  Since Brondell's Swash 1400 had over 2,500 positive reviews, I figured that the features in this product may be nice.  In hindsight, this was a great choice.  Here is a list of features that we recommend:
  • heated seat (a must-have!) 
  • nightlight (helpful for families, especially if you wake up a lot at night)
  • warm air dryer (a must-have!)
  • double stainless steel self-sterilizing nozzles (important for cleanliness)
  • feminine and rear wash (some only offer rear wash, but families will want both)
  • endless warm water (a must-have!)
  • aerated and massage wash (go for multiple options for families as preferences may vary)
  • air filter (very helpful!)
  • remote control 
4. Choose a seat that fits your toilet.
The bidet seats come in round or elongated designs. Be sure to choose the option that fits your toilet.

5. Consider the product warranty.
Similar to any other large purchase, you should look into whether the product has a warranty.  For instance, the Brondell Swash 1400 currently comes with 100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase; 75% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the second year from original date of purchase; and 50% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the third year from original date of purchase.

Now that I shared tips that I learned during our experience, let me share our personal experience with installation.

While we were waiting for the Brondell Swash 1400 to arrive, my husband and I watched YouTube videos to learn more. Here is the list of videos that we found helpful:
Once it arrived, I pulled everything out for the photo below.

My husband then went to work installing it.  I set a timer so that we could share how long it took. It took 24 minutes.  He rated it as an easy installation. We used a grounded GFCI outlet for our installation.  
  • We removed the old seat and cleaned the after it was removed. It wasn't that much effort, but as a boy mom, my kids are a little messy and I wanted to do a good steam cleaning pass around the area before the new installation.
  • We then connected the water hose, attached the seat, and were good to go!  
It was very easy. The designers of the Bondell Swash 1400 deserve credit for their meticulous attention to detail and how they made sure that the user DIY installation process was easy for us.  We didn't really find anything challenging in the installation process.  Really, the most difficult thing about our experience was figuring out how to get started and deciding which bidet to order. Luckily, we made the perfect choice with the Brondell Swash 1400.

Once it was installed, I noticed that our bathroom with the bidet suddenly became the most popular bathroom in our house.  Our children adapted to it quickly. As a boy mom, I have to acknowledge that my children love convenience. The Brondell Swash 1400 is a big win because even my preschooler found it to be a user friendly experience and uses it without any problems.  It makes life easier!  My preschooler also appreciates that it has a nightlight feature.

My husband really likes having the bidet too. In addition to the features that I mentioned above, he wants me to share that the heated seat, endless warm water, and heated drying are great features.  He also likes that the remote control allows you to easily change settings and program settings for two users.

Now that we have more experience with this product, I am able to say that the Brondell Swash 1400 was perfect for our family. We've had a chance to use it and clean our bathroom a few times.  The double stainless steel self-sterilizing nozzles have been great.  I wasn't sure how sanitary it would stay, but it seems like the designers understand my obsession with cleanliness and designed the self-sterilizing nozzles to do a great job. 

We are thrilled with the Brondell Swash 1400 and wish that we would have installed it sooner!  This award winning brand makes it easy to install this high quality bidet that is generously packed with features. It's no wonder that this is the #1 luxury bidet seat on Amazon right now with over 1,080 reviews! I agree with the excellent recommendations!    

Learn More
Visit Brondell here.  Order the Brondell Swash 1400 on Amazon!

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