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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Tips for Buying a Portable Garage Heater + Our Experience with the NewAir Portable Electric Garage Heater (NGH160GA00)

In today's post, we are excited to share our research and tips for buying a portable garage heater. As we share the tips, we'll weave in our personal experience and tell you why we chose the NewAir Portable Electric Garage Heater (NGH160GA00)!  We are so happy with our portable garage heater that we even received a 10% off discount code for our readers in case any of you want to purchase the same model. (Use code TRENDY_10 to save 10%!)

Tips for Buying a Portable Garage Heater

1. Identify where you want to keep the garage heater.

Many people recommend placing a garage heater in the coldest corner of the room and positioning it so that the heat goes toward the center of the room.  In any case, make sure that there is an appropriate outlet to plug in your unit when you make this decision.

2. Determine the size of the garage heater unit needed for your space.

Many brands will tell you the amount of space that the unit will heat in terms of square feet. Some may even mention BTUs. Personally, we went with the NewAir Portable Electric Garage Heater (NGH160GA00) that is great for 160 sq. ft.  If my husband is in the garage, this is a good amount of warmth to surround him!   We also wanted a portable garage heater in case of severe cold weather.  A couple of years ago, Texas had a terrible winter storm in which many people lost electricity for an extended period. Others had rolling schedules in which they had an hour of electricity on and then an hour off. It was stressful! Our garage is not heated, so this portable garage heater is part of our emergency supplies and plans. The adjustable, tilt head is especially important as it aims heat where it's most needed for spot heating areas!

3. Look for a portable garage heater that has an adjustable, tilt head to aim heat for spot heating.

You have to be careful with space heaters. Please don't be tempted to buy one that lacks an adjustable, tilt head and then use books or other items to try to tilt it. That's really dangerous!  It's much safer to get a portable garage heater that is already designed with this feature. This was a big factor into why we preferred the NewAir Portable Electric Garage Heater (NGH160GA00)! The adjustable tilt head works perfectly for us!

4. Look for safety features on a garage heater.

I'm always worried about safety! One thing that I liked about the portable garage heater that we selected is that it has an internal thermostat and automatic shut-off function that prevent overheating. The exterior housing is also designed to stay cool to the touch, preventing opportunities for accidental burns. 

5. Consider a design with a fan that helps to distribute heat.

Most higher quality portable garage heaters will have fans to help deliver a steady stream of warm air to your work area. The NewAir Portable Electric Garage Heater (NGH160GA00) combines the efficiency of a ceramic heating plate with the power of a 116 CFM fan to deliver a steady stream of warm air to your work area. The fan directs air over the heating plate to eliminate cold spots. 

6. Buy your portable garage heater from a trusted source.

I prefer to buy from an authentic manufacturer or authorized reseller since a garage heater is a sensitive purchase in terms of safety.  Personally, I we ordered directly from NewAir as we feel that this is a reputable brand that is also carried by Home Depot and other well known stores. Ordering directly from NewAir has a couple of benefits. It allows you to skip the middle man and save a little thanks to free shipping and the 10% discount using the code TRENDY_10!  NewAir currently offers a limited one-year warranty on our unit.

Learn More

Visit NewAir to learn more about the NewAir Portable Electric Garage Heater (NGH160GA00).  If you love this unit too, please use our 10% off coupon by visiting here and entering the coupon TRENDY_10.

Thanks to NewAir for sponsoring this post. 

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