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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2023! #ValentinesDayGiftGuide (Updated on February 8th!)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This is one of my favorite holidays because we get to focus on love and family.  Our family has a tradition of spending Valentine's evening together. I'm sure that I'll miss our Valentine's evenings when my children are grown, so we really make the most of our time together. In today's post, I'll share The Best Valentine's Gift Ideas for Families this Year (2023)!

Good Ranchers curates boxes of high quality American meat. My Texas heart loves their steakhouse quality beef and chicken. For Valentine's Day, we recommend their generously packed and seasoned collection of chicken -- Better Than Organic Chicken. This package has you covered for Valentine's Day dinner and may others as it contains 8 (4.5oz) Italian Seasoned Chicken Breast, 8 (4.5oz) Garlic Pepper Chicken Breast, 8 (4.5oz) Fajita Chicken Breast (pre-sliced), 8 (4.5oz) Plain Chicken Breast, and 8 (4.5oz) Assorted Chicken Breast. Personally, we recommend the Fajita Chicken Breast for Valentine's Day!  If you prefer an Italian meal, the Italian Seasoned Chicken Breast is a fabulous option. Of course, the Garlic Pepper and Plain Chicken Breasts are also great choices!

Just as the Good Ranchers company name advertises - their meats come from good ranchers. They only partner with American ranchers who embrace their beliefs for quality, sustainability, fair hiring practices, and human animal care practices. They also give back to ranching communities and others in the United States. Each box that you purchase donates 10 meals to families in need. Over the past 4 years, customers have helped donate over 500,000 meals to food banks across the country. This is a gift that families will appreciate, especially Texan families that love high end steakhouse quality meats! Even better is that the gift supports the Valentine's spirit of love since as the purchase results in donations to families in need! Visit Good Ranchers here to stock up on meats for special dinners!

eCreamery offers gourmet ice cream and cookies that are delivered to your gift recipient's doorstep for Valentine's Day. You may have noticed eCreamery on shows such as Shark Tank or Oprah. They have also been featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Esquire, ESPN and more.  They have several options for Valentine's Day. We tried the Be Mine Deluxe Ice Cream & Cookie Collection that comes with eight pints of ice cream and a dozen cookies.

This kit helps families to bond as they create ice cream cookie sandwiches together. My entire family lit up when I opened our package!  The highly acclaimed eCreamery ice cream and cookies are great for parents or other family or friends who need a dramatic gift that makes them smile on Valentine's Day! After all, we love gifts that are out of the ordinary and special!  Plus, eCreamery has a nice feature where you may place the order and choose a delivery date! This makes it easy to set up your order in advance for a Valentine's Day delivery! Visit eCreamery!

Mackenzie Limited is the ultimate shop for Valentine meals and desserts! This company should be at the top of your list because this female-owned business curates gourmet foods that will make most gift recipients pause to appreciate the beauty and perfection of each item! If you aren't familiar with this high quality company, I am excited to be the one to tell you about their quest for perfection! Mackenzie was founded by a Scottish national in 1988 as a small mail order business focusing on the fine foods of Scotland and the British Isles. The company continued to grow as many people took notice of their high end offerings. Today, we are lucky that they focus on direct-to-consumer sales and offer over 400 items! While they have grown, the company has stayed true to their mission and believes that the only acceptable outcome is a customer who is 100% satisfied.  Personally, we fell in love with the old world charm of their Valentine's Postcard Cookies and Linzer Heart Cookies! Both of these items made us hesitate to appreciate the beauty. Not only were they beautiful, but the tastes were incredible! They were clearly made by talented chefs with excellent recipes and high quality ingredients!

My family enjoyed the beautiful Valentine's Postcard Cookies. We also shared some of them with my children's teachers.  Everyone involved -- my children and their teachers commented that they felt guilty eating their hand-decorated cookie because of the beauty and effort that must have gone into each cookie!  Of course, the guilt fades quickly once you taste these buttery shortbread cookies! I can't imagine how many iterations it took them to create this recipe. They found perfection! I love this gift because I am sure that the gift recipients will always remember it!

The Linzer Heart Cookies are my personal favorite. Each heart-shaped butter cookie, is topped with raspberry jam and a hand-piped almond meringue. You can't help but slow down to savor the rich flavors. This cookie is truly the way to my heart! I'm sure that many others will feel the same way! Visit Mackenzie Limited!

FlowerFix offers fresh flowers and classes to help you to make the perfect floral arrangement. My favorite part of the FlowerFix experience is that they send flowers directly from a farm to your doorstep!  The beautiful flowers arrive ready for you to snip the stems and create your own floral arrangement. 

FlowerFix has a great resources to teach you and your loved ones to create the perfect bouquet.  My family enjoyed creating the bouquet below! Since the flowers were farm fresh and shipped overnight to our doorstep, the flowers were great quality and easy to work with when we made our bouquet. You'll notice the beautiful flowers in the background of the photos in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide! Visit FlowerFix!

Kenefick Ranch is a family-owned and operated, small-production winery in Calistoga, California. When you try their wines, you will realize that this highly driven family pours their hearts into their products to create exceptional wines!  For Valentine's Day, Kenefick Ranch has selected their 2021 Kenefick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, Pickett Road Red and 2018 Kenefick Ranch Merlot for your celebration. Personally, our favorite is the 2018 Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road Red but you can't go wrong with any of their wines!

2021 Kenefick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc ($30): This new release has concentrated flavors of lychee and honeydew which pop out of the glass while the palate is met with copious amounts of bright grapefruit and tangerine zest. This white pairs great with many seafood or chicken dishes with any herbal sauce such as pesto or chimichurri. Green vegetables such as asparagus and zucchini make a great palate cleanser, also including bruschetta as a side dish.

2018 Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road Red ($55): This red contains elements of fresh berry preserve, spicy French oak notes of vanilla bean, and fresh cream. The intense but fine tannins beautifully underline tamarind and tart boysenberry, leaving an extensive finish. An appetizer to pair well with this would be a charcuterie board filled with feta, brie, goat and blue cheese. For a main course, roasted pork or duck make a great pair, as well as meatballs, or a grilled lamb. The darker the meat, the bigger the compliment the tannins of the wine!

2018 Kenefick Ranch Merlot ($50): With aromatics made up of dried cherry, intense cassis, subtle coriander and fresh plum, this palate is weaved together by super fine, soft tannins of raspberry preserve and vanilla bean. Any lean meat pairs greatly with this merlot, alongside roasted vegetables such as tomatoes!

Cheese Brothers offers delicious cheeses for a memorable Valentine's Day! The cheese recipes that they use keep it simple with milk, salt, and natural cultures. Many of the recipes were handed down from previous generations. None of their cheeses are processed or artificial. They stay true to their roots of using top quality ingredients and classic family recipes that are natural and simple. Their high quality ingredients and techniques come through when you taste their products!  For instance, we tried The Ultimate Wisconsin Sampler

This generously sized assortment contains every cheese that they carry, from classics like their Smoked Gouda to their mouth-watering 8-Year Aged Cheddar. We also love that this gift supports a small business that truly cares about giving meticulous attention to detail for every aspect of their business. The taste of their products is evident of their quest for crave-worthy products. If you have any questions or problems, you'll find that a real person (not a robot) will answer the phone when you call them. They want customers to have a great experience! We encourage you to consider Cheese Brothers for Valentine's Day!

Sweet Maria's sources the best green coffee beans from around the world. If you follow regularly, you know that we love Sweet Maria's! My husband's eyes sparkle when he receives a package of their green coffee beans. This iconic brand is well known in the coffee roasting community because they reliably source green coffee beans for incredible coffee and espresso. My husband has experimented with many different green coffee beans for almost a decade. We think that Sweet Maria's is the absolute best! 

If your Valentine is new to coffee roasting, it is easy to get started with the Sweet Maria's guide
 here. This is a great gift because it provides the opportunity to learn and enjoy a hobby together. We recommend the Espresso Green Coffee Sample Set that allows your Valentine to enjoy a variety of beans. Visit Sweet Maria's here.

Highclere Castle Gin, the winner of 93 international awards, is a highly coveted and prestigious gin.  For many years, we loved featuring Downton Abbey themed products Those posts always drew a lot of traffic.  When I saw this special gin, I knew that I had to feature it! This gin is created from the botanicals grown on the infamous Highclere Castle estate which is known as the real Downton Abbey! This gin has been refined over centuries of harvests and is fabulously aligned with the castle.  You won't want to miss the opportunity to try this limited batch gin!

This gin was created in celebration of our Co-Founder, Lord Carnarvon's Great Grandfather, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon's centennial Anniversary of discovering King Tutankhamun's tomb. Due to a limited supply of 2000 cases produced, orders will be available for a limited time at $99 per bottle. Once gone, the Limited Edition Highclere Castle Barrel Aged Gin will never be released again. Personally, we tried one of the recipes from the Negroni cocktail recipe from Highclere Castle website. Check it out here. This recipe is perfect for Valentine's Day!  Visit Highclere Castle Gin to order the Limited Edition Highclere Castle Barrel Aged Gin while supplies last!

Jadot offers the ultimate wines for Valentine's Day! Depending on the type of dinner or dessert that you have planned, any of these three wines are a great choice!

 is t
he #1 selling French red wine in America. This easy-drinking wine is perfect for Valentine's Day.  It's made with high-quality grapes from the southern part of Beaujolais.  You can't go wrong with any wines from this iconic brand, but this is one of our personal favorites! For instance, this red has expressive aromas and flavors of strawberries and black cherries with spice notes. This fruit-forward, juicy wine pairs well with a decadent treat like chocolate-covered strawberries. It's also reasonably priced at $13.99 per 750 ML bottle. 

Pouilly-Fuisse ranks as the #2 bestselling French white wine in America. It is produced in the Mâconnais region of Burgundy. This wine is partially barrel fermented with six months of aging in French oak casks. It has aromas of fresh red apples, honey, and white flowers with elegant, rich flavors of toasted nuts and citrus, making it the perfect wine to pair with charcuterie boards. The price point is competitive for this best selling French white wine! It's $29.99 per 750 ML bottle.

Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay is the #1 selling French white wine in America. This clean and vibrant unoaked Chardonnay is produced in the Mâconnais region of Burgundy. This wine shows floral, apple, and citrus aromas with fresh, clean flavors and mineral notes. It is perfect for sipping while sharing oysters with your Valentine. The competitive price point is appealing too! It's just $15.99 per 750 ML bottle.

Chef's Life expertly crafts culinary oils that are custom blended to help you to make a memorable Valentine's dinner. This line was created by celebrity chef and restaurateur, Brian Malarkey. If you are familiar with this fabulous chef, you know that he is a perfectionist!  His product line is exceptional as he focuses on uncompromising quality. Each oil is designed to be the perfect canvas for any dish and can be used for sautéing, frying, making a salad dressing or aioli, and adding  finishing touches to any meal.

First, we recommend the Chefs Life 3-Bottle Gift Box that contains:

  • Chefs Life Cooking Oil – Designed to take the heat, this blend of avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and grapeseed oil is perfect for sautéing, frying, roasting, and searing! The expertly crafted custom blend was created for this specific high-heat step in the cooking process due to its high smoke points and neutral flavor – which in result won’t burn your pans or overpower your food in the process!
  • Chefs Life Blending Oil –This blend made up of extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil is perfect for making salad dressings and baking. Its mild flavor creates an ideal base for blending with vinegars, herbs and spices and puts store-bought salad dressings to shame. The avocado oil in this blend gives this oil a deliciously creamy texture, while the mild flavor of the grapeseed oil allows herbs and citrus to take the spotlight in salad dressings and dips.
  • Chefs Life Finishing Oil – Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil for drizzling, its strong peppery qualities gives food a pop of flavor. The Finishing Oil elevates the simplest dishes, drizzle, spray or brush this oil onto meats, seafood and veggie dishes. This is the oil for dipping fresh baked bread or topping your favorite hummus or dip.
We also love their cooking oil sprays, for those who like the simplicity and easy clean-up that come with the spray bottles:
  • Chefs Life® Original Cooking Oil Spray - Premium blend of avocado, second pressed olive, sunflower and grapeseed oils offer a neutral flavor with a high-smoke point designed to take the heat.
  • Chefs Life® Brown Butter Cooking Oil Spray - Natural brown butter flavors enhance this blend of avocado, second pressed olive, sunflower and grapeseed oils. Providing a subtle but rich flavor of nutty umami, the oil does not contain dairy and is vegan.
Visit Chef's Life for expertly blended cooking oils and sprays that will help you to prepare your Valentine's Day dinner and many other meals throughout the year!

Brazi Bites are a nice compliment to almost any Valentine's Day meal. I can't think of a better side item for a meal than warm, fluffy, and flavorful Brazi Bites! They are best when they are fresh out of the oven and given a few minutes to cool! You may have seen this brand featured on Shark Tank. They sold out nationwide after that episode aired, but have caught up on the nationwide demand so that you are able to find them in the freezer section of many grocery stores. You may also order from the Brazi Bites website. We love that these delicious gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread bites are made from wholesome ingredients.  Personally, our favorite variety is the Cheddar & Parmesan Brazilian Cheese Bread!

Zibra offers gifts for DIY projects. We love their popular Open It! gadget that cuts, slices, snips, and unscrews. This overachieving 4-in-1 tool is a space saver.  

We love it for opening packages, removing items from stubborn packaging, cutting boxes, unscrewing battery compartments, and even trimming flowers on Valentine's Day! This box has an example of items that I was able to open almost effortlessly with Open It!

I also want to highlight that opening packages that are molded shut with plastic is one of my least favorite chores. Open It makes this task much easier too!  This is a must-have tool for parents! It's a great gift idea for dads!

Zibra also offers a high quality line of application-specific paintbrushes to ease the painting and DIY process, allowing users to express their creativity without the stress. If you live in Texas, this is a great time to stock up on paintbrushes and work on projects before the weather is hot. The Best of Zibra Paintbrush Kit has you covered for your favorite projects as it contains the following paintbrushes: 1- Round, 1-Square, 1- Triangle, 1- 2" Palm Pro Cut In, 1- 2" Chiseled Wedge. It also comes with a convenient canvas storage bag. For instance, today had a high of 79-degrees and a cool breeze which made it a perfect day for painting.  Stock up now and watch for another beautiful day to bond with your loved ones through outdoor projects!  Visit Zibra here.

BURGA gives special touches to electronics accessories that we love for Valentine's Day!  Their rose gold accents, sparkly colors, and dedication to quality are a perfect gift idea that loved ones may use throughout the year! This stylish brand puts an elegant touch on phone cases, charging accessories, and more. 

For instance, we love the his and her charging cables (USB to Lightning) in Rose Gold and Gold • USB to Lightning. You'll also want the Wall Chargers to go along with them. The Power Bank (Pink Sunrise) is pretty for moms on the go! The Wireless charger (Rose Gold) is great for charging Apple watches and more!  

True Leaf Market offers gifts for at-home foodie gardens that couples may grow and harvest together.  For those of you that follow regularly, you may know that I lived in Utah prior to moving to Texas. One great thing about moving around is that you learn about local favorites. I was excited to feature True Leaf Market because this company is one of the best in Salt Lake City, Utah! They are one of the largest manufacturers and e-commerce sellers of national certified organic, non-GMO, and heirloom seeds nationwide.  We encourage you to browse their website and  growing guides because their vast collection covers almost every interest from microgreens gardening to even organic pet grass for dogs and cats!  

This year, I was excited about the Culinary Herb Seed Starter Kit and the generously sized pack of Basic Salad Mix Microgreen Seeds! These are great gifts for Valentine's Day because they make it easy to grow herbs and microgreens together.  

My husband and I love growing herbs and microgreens to use in special recipes. It's a great way to bond over gardening and delicious meals! If you order now, you may be able to start sprouts for your Valentine's Day meal!  Visit True Leaf Market for supplies to garden together with your loved ones!


Bombas offers trendy socks that are cozy for Valentine's Day.  This is a brand that I love because their socks are excellent quality. They offer stylish designs that are comfortable and durable. As a mom, I love that my energetic children have never had holes in their Bombas socks! They are made to last.  My entire family loves them so much that I recently realized that my kids don't use the word "socks". They call them "Bombas". After thinking about it, this makes sense because Bombas really did change the sock market with their high quality designs!

We recommend a fun way to gift socks. Whether you are gifting them for a family member or to patients at a nursing home, it's fun to present them as cupcakes!  Personally, we visited a nursing home a while back to help deliver lunch. Some of the patients were filled with genuine happiness that we added "cupcake socks" to their lunch trays! As shown below, we simply rolled the socks, placed them in sturdy cupcake liners, and added a pom on each one.  This memorable craft is so easy that my children could help. This is a Valentine's Day gift for all ages! Visit Bombas here.

Cariloha is an eco-friendly brand that we love!  As we thought about Valentine's Day, this was one of the first brands that came to mind because their ultra soft bedding, towels, and robes are perfect gift items!  In particular, we recommend his and her Bamboo Bathrobes

From pocket to tie and collar to cuff, Cariloha's ultra-plush bamboo bathrobe wraps you up in luxury softness that feels as comfortable as it looks.  These spa-worthy uni-sex robes are cozy, soft, and flattering. The material and workmanship is top quality. Plus, this is a carbon neutral gift to make you feel good that your luxury is also eco-friendly.  Visit Cariloha!

The HP Envy 6055e printer is great throughout the year. We put it to good use for Valentine's Day. If you search Pinterest, it's amazing that there are free Valentine's Day printables for almost any theme imaginable.  We especially love that the HP Envy 6055e printer is user friendly and easy for my entire family to use.  This versatile printer and scanner is packed with features such as double-sided printing. You will want to sign up for HP Instant Ink. If you aren't familiar with HP Instant Ink, this is a handy service in which you are able to sign up for an ink or toner subscription. They offer different options. My favorite feature is that they track when my ink or toner is low and automatically ship you new ones so that I never run out! They also offer prepaid labels to recycle my old cartridges. They make it easy to cancel or change your plan at any time. If you don't use all of your pages, they automatically rollover to the next month!

We hope that you enjoy our gift ideas for Valentine's Day! This is one of our favorite holidays because it celebrates our love for those around us!

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