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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Tips for Buying a Large Built-in or Stand-Alone Ice Maker for your Family + Why We Love the NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00)!

In today's post, I'm excited to share tips for buying a large ice maker for your family! I will also tell you about the large ice maker that we ultimately chose - the NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00)!  This overachieving ice maker is perfect for families that love cold drinks. It also makes it easy to be the host with the most that always has ice for guests!

Tips for Buying a Large Built-in or Stand-Alone Ice Maker for your Family

1. Look for a versatile model that allows you to use it as a built-in or stand-alone ice maker.

Given the expense of a large ice maker, you should consider a model that offers flexibility to be used as either a built-in or stand-alone ice maker in case you move to a new home. For instance, a built-in may look great in your current home but may not fit in your next home.  We recommend buying an ice maker that offers a versatile design that works as a built-in or stand-along ice maker. For instance, the NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) fit this requirement for us.  It works as a built-in or stand-lone ice maker!  This makes it easier to move with you to a new home.

2. Consider the rate at which the machine makes ice cubes.

Not all ice makers are equal!  You'll want an ice maker that has a large capacity for your family. This is also important if you have parties.  We love that the NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) is an overachiever that makes up to 40 ice cubes in just 15 to 30 minutes! We never worry about running out of ice now!  We even have friends who stop by to pick up ice because they love our crystal clear ice and know that we have a high capacity ice maker that makes up to 80 pounds of ice per day!  NewAir has an image of their ice vs. a competitor's ice. I asked permission to share it below because the image shows a stunning difference!

3. Look for an ice maker that offers ice thickness controls and clear ice.

As a host or hostess, it's nice to have the option to create ice of different thicknesses The NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) gives you this control with the simple touch of a button.  This is great when you are like me and have different preferences for specific drinks!

4. Look for a model that has a timer.

Whether it's the holidays, a birthday party, or a summer pool party, it's nice to set a timer to start/stop your ice making. The NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) makes it easy to set timers! Of course, this generously sized ice maker will also store large quantities of ice.

5. Consider a model that has a fingerprint resistant door.

As a mom, I love fingerprint resistant appliances!  We mostly have stainless steel appliances in our home with the exception of our laundry room. The NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) is really nice because it is fingerprint resistant and is easy to clean. My boys are energetic and messy. They love riding bikes, fishing, and gardening. They often track messes into the house and go straight for the fridge, water dispenser, or ice maker.  They stress test my abilities to keep our home clean. I'm extra grateful that our ice maker is so sleek and easy to keep clean!

5. Make sure that the ice maker has options to connect to your waterline and drain.

We needed an ice maker that was easy to install and that felt relatively effortless after installation. Look for a model that offers water line and drain hookups.   In our experience, the NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) was very easy to install and get going! This is something that we love about NewAir products. Their designers seem to give attention to every detail from start to finish. This includes an easy installation process!

6. Buy from a brand that offers a good warranty.

If you follow regularly, you know that there are some brands that we love! NewAir is one of them. We've tried several of their products and have always had a great experience!  On top of that, we love knowing that their customer service has always been friendly to us.  They currently offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy and 1-year limited warranty. Get more info about their warranties here!

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We hope that you enjoyed our tips for buying a large built-in or stand-alone ice maker. The NewAir Clear Ice Machine (NCI080SS00) has been a game changer for our family! I love that this powerhouse ice maker is user-friendly and extremely accommodating to everything that was on my wishlist. This includes (a) being versatile to use as a built-in or stand-alone ice maker in case we move homes, (b) having a timer, (c) allowing us to change the thickness of ice, (d) having the ability to make ice quickly, and (e) having a sleek look with a fingerprint resistant door.   If you want to try the same model as us, use the coupon below to save 10%!

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