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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

From Laser Mazes to Spicy Chicken: Our Action-Packed Day in Plano, TX at Activate Games and Dave's Hot Chicken

In today's post, I'm excited to tell you about our day of family fun in Plano, TX. We started the day at the new Activate Games where we spent an energetic morning playing a variety of high-tech games. After burning serious calories, we headed to Dave's Hot Chicken, just a few minutes away, for a delicious lunch.We highly recommend this itinerary for anyone looking for a fun and fulfilling day out with their family!

Activate Games is a new attraction for the Dallas/Fort Worth metro that uses technology in novel ways to keep you moving! Our family recently visited Activate Games and had an absolute blast. We loved the high-tech games that tested our physical and mental agility across a wide variety of real-life challenges. The combination of games were a fantastic workout as games involved climbing, squatting, jumping, running, throwing balls, and more! Each game lasts a few minutes (unless you choose to spend more time on higher levels) which meant that just when my arms couldn't throw balls any longer, we could switch to a game that used different muscles. The designers really thought things out so that we were challenged but could keep moving as we switched things up as transitioned from one game to another!

Let's start from the beginning! When you arrive, there is a waiting area in case you are waiting for friends and family to meet you there. There are also lockers in case you need them.

Next, you'll check in to pay for your visit. You'll receive wristbands to use while you are there. You'll register and link your wristband to your account so that you are able to enter the games. The wristband is also important because you need it for the system to record points as you play.

When you enter, you'll find the come-and-go rooms that contain high-tech games. Each game is a couple of minutes long unless you choose to spend more time leveling up!  

Before you enter each room, each member of your party will hold their wristband up to the pentagon so that you are registered for the room/game. It will change colors and add your name to the list of players in the room.  You'll also choose the level (1 to 10) and game option.

Once you are in the room, the fun begins! I won't spoil too many surprises, but I'll share a couple of photos of our favorite game, The Floor is Lava, to give you the general idea. The red squares are lava here. Sometimes the lava flows, meaning that it moves around during the game! The goal is to tap all of the blue squares on the floor and blue buttons on the wall without touching lava.

When we lost, it was dramatic fun! Lava overtook the room! 

The games were perfect for all ages, including our kindergartener, teen, and mom and dad. We played each game together as a family for fun family bonding. The different rooms of games helped us to stay active together as a family, and we easily burned 700 to 800 calories during our visit! It was so much better than going to see a movie or other relatively sedentary activity. We liked that different games helped us to exercise different areas. For instance, throwing basketballs in one game or throwing balls at targets in another worked our arms. Other games involved a lot of cardio and coordination. There was an interactive wall climbing game! It was fun to switch between activities and to keep moving. Each game was unique, involved physical exercise, and kept us motivated! We were also able to check our scores throughout our visit.

The staff was friendly and helpful.  We could ask for help at any time and they were always happy to give us tips!  In addition, after our first visit, we have some tips to share too. 
We suggest wearing clothes that you feel comfortable running, jumping, crawling, and climbing in. Clean and dry flat-footed shoes are required (running shoes recommended). It's also a good idea to book your visit in advance. They accept walk-ins, but having a guaranteed reservation is better. All in all, our family had an amazing time at Activate Games. We highly recommend this fun and energetic experience for anyone looking for a unique way to spend time with family or friends. The cost is $24.99+tax per player for a 75-minute playtime. 

After an energetic and fun-filled morning at Activate Games, you and your family are sure to be famished! Luckily, just a few minutes away is Dave's Hot Chicken where you can indulge in some mouth-watering sliders, fries, and mac and cheese.  The clean, spacious, and colorful restaurant offers a family friendly environment where no one will mind that you just worked out hard at Activate Games!

Dave's Hot Chicken is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for some spicy and delicious food. They specialize in Nashville-style hot chicken, which is crispy and flavorful, with your choice when it comes to the amount of heat. Whether you're a fan of mild or extra hot, there's something for everyone. My youngest son prefers mild while my teen loves spicy food! 

One of the most popular items on the menu are the sliders, which come with your choice heat level. The buns are soft and fresh, and the chicken is juicy and tender, with just the right amount of crunch. 

Their fries are perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, making them the perfect complement to your sliders.

They also offer indulgent mac and cheese. It's the perfect comfort food!

In summary, a visit to Activate Games in Plano, TX is a must for families looking for a fun and energetic experience. The high-tech games offer a wide range of challenges that test both physical and mental agility, making it a great activity for family bonding. Just a few minutes away is Dave's Hot Chicken, which offers delicious sliders, fries, and mac and cheese that are sure to satisfy any appetite. After burning off all those calories at Activate Games, it's the perfect place to refuel and enjoy a tasty meal. We hope that you take the opportunity to visit Activate Games and Dave's Hot Chicken in Plano for family bonding!

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