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Saturday, July 1, 2023

The Best Toys for the New School Year!

If you follow regularly, you know that we love toys that make learning fun! In today's post, we are featuring two toys for little ones that help with math, color recognition, pattern recognition, pretend play, motor skills, and more! That is, the Cake-N-Bake Challenge and PLAYMOBIL School Bus!  

The Cake-N-Bake Challenge is a whimsical game that kids are sure to remember in their happy childhood memories. Here is a quick overview:

Cake-N-Bake Challenge (Hey Buddy Hey Pal / Ages 4+ / MSRP $29.99 / Amazon): A totally different kind of action-packed family game with a delicious, rainbow-layer, foam cake being the center of attention! Object of the game is to, well, just be the fastest baker!  Players compete to stack the layers of their cake slices! Helps with color-matching skills and hand-eye coordination - plus no reading required!  

Here is a quick video:

As I mentioned earlier, this fabulously fun game is something that my kids will always remember about their childhood!  In our personal experience, my little chefs have been obsessed with this game and it has helped them to practice important development skills while having fun!

One of the most charming aspects of the Cake-N-Bake Challenge is how enthusiastically my kids have embraced it. Watching them engage in friendly competition as they race to stack their cake slices is a joy in itself. Not only do they get to enjoy the vibrant and appealing visual of the rainbow-layer foam cake, but they also get to exercise their color-matching skills. The game's requirement to stack cake layers of matching colors has really honed their ability to quickly identify and associate different hues.  They also practiced counting and following patterns which is part of my youngest son's school curriculum this year!

Moreover, the game's emphasis on hand-eye coordination has been a fantastic way for my children to fine-tune their motor skills. The excitement of racing against the clock to build their cakes while maintaining balance and precision has improved their coordination and dexterity. It's truly remarkable how a seemingly simple game can have such a positive impact on their physical development.

One of the things that has endeared the Cake-N-Bake Challenge to our family is its accessibility. Since the game doesn't require any reading, it's been an inclusive activity that even the youngest members of our household can join in on. This has fostered a sense of togetherness, where everyone can participate and have an equal shot at winning. 

We've spent countless evenings gathered around the table, laughing, cheering, and bonding over the excitement of building and stacking these delightful foam cake layers.

The PLAYMOBIL School Bus is another toy that will help to create happy childhood memories.  Here is a brief overview:

PLAYMOBIL School Bus (70983): Time for school! Head out for a day of learning on the School Bus. The functioning front and rear lights flash as the bus driver approaches the bus stop and extends the stop sign. Once the double doors open, the kids can climb aboard and choose a seat. Easily access the spacious interior, with seating for up to seven figures, thanks to the removable roof. Set includes bus driver, three students, backpacks, lunch bag, pencils, and other accessories. (MSRP $51.99, Age: 4-10) Available on

The PLAYMOBIL School Bus has become an integral part of my children's imaginative playtime adventures. It's truly heartwarming to observe how they incorporate the bus into their make-believe worlds, creating intricate stories and scenarios that revolve around school, friendship, and exploration. This toy has ignited their creativity as they come up with different roles for each character, assigning them personalities and relationships that deepen their engagement.

As my kids arrange and rearrange the figures inside the bus, they unknowingly enhance their fine motor skills. The precision required to place the little passengers in their seats and arrange their accessories helps to develop their hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. Moreover, the interactive features of the bus, like the functioning lights, extending stop sign, and opening doors, encourage them to think critically about cause and effect, fostering cognitive growth through play.

The PLAYMOBIL School Bus has provided an excellent platform for my children to practice social skills and cooperation. They often take turns being the bus driver, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to steer the adventure. Through this, they learn about sharing roles, communicating effectively, and collaborating to build exciting narratives together. These skills are invaluable as they navigate real-life social interactions and develop the ability to work as a team.

Our family has developed a love for the PLAYMOBIL School Bus. Not only does it offer hours of entertainment and learning through play, but it also sparks conversations about school, friendships, and the importance of education. As parents, we appreciate how this toy seamlessly combines fun and educational value. It has given us a window into our children's creative minds and allowed us to bond over their imaginative stories. The School Bus has found a special place in our hearts and our home, as it continues to be a cherished vehicle for our kids' exploration and growth.

In summary, these new toys are perfect for the new school year.  If your kids are like mine and want to retreat to pay with toys when they get home from school, these are great picks!

The Cake-N-Bake Challenge has become a cherished addition to our family game nights. Its blend of fast-paced action, skill-building, and all-around enjoyment has made it a standout in our collection. The memories created while playing this game are sure to endure in our hearts, reminding us of the simple pleasures of spending quality time together. Whether it's the joyful cheers of victory or the friendly banter during play, the Cake-N-Bake Challenge has woven its way into our family's affection, ensuring that it will remain a treasured part of our children's childhood memories.

The PLAYMOBIL School Bus has proven itself to be a wonderful addition to our family's playtime repertoire. Its ability to facilitate imaginative narratives, enhance motor skills, and promote social interaction has made it a standout toy that we genuinely treasure. Whether it's the flashing lights, the opening doors, or the stories that emerge during play, this school bus has created countless joyful moments that we will hold dear for years to come.

We hope that these ideas help you as you think about the best toys to buy for the next school year or upcoming birthday gifts!

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