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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

DIY Wonderful Halos Unicorns - The Perfect Candy-Free Valentine Treat!


DIY Wonderful Halos Unicorns - The Perfect Candy-Free Valentine Treat!

If you follow regularly, you know that we love Wonderful Halos mandarins for their irresistible combination of healthiness and convenience. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these little citrus gems offer a guilt-free snack that satisfies both our sweet tooth and nutritional needs. Their portability makes them the perfect on-the-go option, fitting seamlessly into lunchboxes or pockets for a burst of citrusy goodness anytime, anywhere. As a family, we have embraced Wonderful Halos as a beloved staple in our household. When I saw the Wonderful Halos Unicorn craft for Valentine's Day, I knew that I had to make these for my child's class! 

DIY Project: Wonderful Halos Unicorns 

DIY Project Credit: Wonderful Halos (available on their website)


  • wonderful halos mandarins
  • tissues
  • small rubber bands
  • colored tape (such as washi tape)
  • scissors
  • straws
  • hot glue or adhesive dots
  • small black dot stickers
  • pink dot or heart stickers
  • black, pink, and red markers (optional)
  • ribbon

1. To make the unicorn, place a Wonderful Halos mandarin in the center of a tissue. Gather up all the edges of the tissue and fold them up over the mandarin, distributing the pleats that have formed as evenly as possible. Secure the tissue in place with a rubber band. Twist the excess tissue to form the unicorn’s horn. Wrap the horn with colored tape.

2. To make the ears, cut two 1" pieces from a straw. Cut one end of one straw piece at a diagonal. Keep the bigger half of the cut straw piece and discard the smaller cut piece. Using the bigger cut straw piece, cut along the length of its short side to open it up. The open side will be the front of the ear. Repeat on the second straw piece to make a second ear.

3. To add the ears, use hot glue or adhesive dots to attach each one to the unicorn. Cut a black dot sticker in half and place each half on the unicorn for eyes, or use a black marker to draw them on. Stick on two small pink dot or heart stickers for cheeks, or draw them on with a pink or red marker.

4. Cut two ½" pieces of ribbon for bangs (with one end of each piece cut at a diagonal) and glue them both to the front of the unicorn head, at the base of the horn. Then, cut two 3" pieces of ribbon with one end of each piece cut at a diagonal for the mane and glue each end to the back base of the horn.

We hope that you enjoyed this DIY Wonderful Halos Unicorns craft for Valentine's Day!  Visit the Wonderful Halos website for more fun and delicious craft ideas and recipes.

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