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Friday, March 8, 2024

The 2024 List of Best Easter Gifts for Kids!

Easter is just a hop away!  This is one of my favorite times of year. For the past several years, I've featured a variety of Easter Egg Hunt ideas. Some of my favorites have been the Nerf Easter Egg Hunt where we stuffed Easter eggs with Nerf darts; an outer space Easter Egg Hunt with glow-in-the-dark alien eggs and more; a pirate themed Easter egg hunt were I made a cannon to shoot pirates booty snacks and hid sea life shaped eggs; a construction themed Easter egg hunt with a bulldozer tent and ball pit; and more.  Now that my oldest claims to have outgrown Easter Egg Hunts, he is helping me to plan one for my youngest son.  He wants to plan a traditional Easter Egg Hunt with fun kids toys!  We are working on our plan. In the meantime, I have the list of 2024 List of Best Easter Gifts for Kids! Spoiler alert - the toys come from some of our favorite toymakers - PLAYMOBIL, Hey Buddy Hey Pal and Vango Toys!

Let's get started!

PEEPS® EggMazing Egg Decorator (Hey Buddy Hey Pal): PEEPS® joins the EggMazing family with the new PEEPS® EggMazing Egg Decorator! Just like the other decorators, this bunny-shaped one holds and spins hard-boiled eggs while you use the included PEEPS® markers to decorate! Available in the iconic PEEPS® Bunny Pink and PEEPS Bunny Yellow! 
Available at Amazon or CVS (MSRP: $27.99; Ages 3+)

Personally, my son cherished this toy! From the moment he received it, he couldn't contain his excitement. It became his constant companion, bringing him endless joy and sparking his imagination. Watching him play with it, seeing his face light up with delight, filled my heart with happiness. Those moments of pure childhood bliss will always be cherished and remembered fondly.

The Original EggMazing Egg Decorator (Hey Buddy Hey Pal): The #1 selling toy on Amazon leading up to the holiday, this line of mess-free egg decorators let kids become part of the decorating process instead of just “watching and waiting” for traditional messy dyes to work! This egg-shaped decorator holds and spins hard-boiled eggs while you use the included markers to create stripes, lines and other fun designs! 
Available at Amazon (MSRP: $27.99; Ages 3+)

My son absolutely adored this innovative egg decorator, which quickly became his favorite toy. As the #1 selling toy on Amazon leading up to the holidays, it offered him a unique and interactive way to partake in the decorating process. With its mess-free design, he could unleash his creativity without the hassle of traditional messy dyes. The egg-shaped decorator's ability to hold and spin hard-boiled eggs while he used the included markers to craft vibrant designs brought him immense joy and endless entertainment.

BIZYBOO’s Easter Egg Busy Bag Scavenger Hunt (Vango Toys): These Hide ’N’ Seek Busy Bags are the perfect mess-free, on-the-go, and low-fuss companion! Using both written and visual prompts found on an attached card, children will have a blast prodding and shifting the beads around, seeking out the Easter objects! Not only do they keep little ones engaged, but these bags also foster learning and motor skill development and encourage independence. 
Available on Amazon (MSRP: $9.99; Ages 2+)

My son was captivated by the BIZYBOO’s Easter Egg Busy Bag Scavenger Hunt from Vango Toys. It quickly became his favorite on-the-go companion, providing endless entertainment without any mess or fuss. With written and visual prompts on an attached card, he loved prodding and shifting the beads around, eagerly seeking out the hidden Easter objects. Not only did these busy bags keep him engaged for hours, but they also fostered his learning and motor skill development, encouraging his independence in play.

PLAYMOBIL’s Horses of Waterfall- Feeding Time with Ellie & Sawdust:  Join Ellie and her horse, Sawdust, as they train for western riding! Yea Haw! With this PLAYMOBIL eco-friendly product line, it consists of, on average, more than 80% sustainable materials! It allows children to embark on exciting horse-riding adventures!
Available on  (MSRP: $9.99; Ages: 5- 12)
PLAYMOBIL Color & Crayola- Motorbike:  PLAYMOBIL is celebrating the comeback of its classic PLAYMOBIL Color series after a 45-year hiatus with five new sets released in collaboration with creativity powerhouse, CRAYOLA. It's a colorful world with the Motorbike! Design your motorbike and rider using your own sense of style by using the two included Crayola markers to color the motorbike and rider's outfit as you wish! When you are ready for a change easily wipe the ink off and start all over again! How cool!!!
Available on and Amazon (MSRP: $16.99; Ages 5- 12)

Children will love joining Ellie and her horse, Sawdust, for feeding time and western riding adventures with PLAYMOBIL’s Horses of Waterfall set. Made with over 80% sustainable materials, this eco-friendly product line encourages imaginative play while promoting environmental consciousness. For those craving creativity, the PLAYMOBIL Color & Crayola Motorbike offers endless design possibilities. With two Crayola markers included, kids can personalize their motorbike and rider, creating colorful masterpieces that can be wiped clean for a fresh canvas whenever inspiration strikes.

Bumpas™- New Tie-Dye Colors! (Good Soul Brands): Who doesn’t love a good comfort hug? Bumpas™ are lovable plush toy friends who you can play and cuddle with. This huggable friend is weighted to provide a sense of comfort and security when you need it most! Bumpas’™ arms are perfectly sized to give realistic-feeling hugs. Now available in 2 NEW tie-dye colors! The pink tie-dye Bumpas™, Sprinx, and the blue tie-dye Bumpas™, Shloof, are the perfect friends to collect and to get in the spring mood! Available on Amazon (MSRP $45.99; Ages 3+)

My son adores his new Bumpas™ plush toy in the vibrant tie-dye colors! It's more than just a toy; it's a comforting hug whenever he needs it. The weighted design provides a sense of security, and its perfectly sized arms give him realistic-feeling hugs, bringing him comfort and joy. Sprinx and Shloof have quickly become his favorite companions, adding a touch of springtime cheer to his playtime adventures.

I hope that you enjoyed this roundup of the 2024 Best Easter Gifts for Kids!  

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